What is the extended team model

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What Is The Extended Team Model

By Tina | Feb 27, 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in the workplace, and IT teams have been at the forefront of these changes. As a result, the role of IT leaders has become increasingly important, with CEOs seeing them as primary business partners more than any other C-Suite role. This highlights the growing influence and responsibilities of IT leaders in the current landscape.

However, despite the expanded role of IT teams, there are still significant roadblocks to overcome, such as technical debt, technology sprawl, and too many disconnected monitoring solutions. These challenges can arise from hastily-made decisions to keep the lights on during the pandemic. In order to contribute to the overall growth of the business, IT teams need to articulate how their department’s efforts support the organization’s goals.

One of the key priorities for IT teams is to focus on the everyday functions of the business to ensure that they run smoothly. This will require going back over the “good enough” systems put in place during the pandemic and replacing them with best-fit solutions that can carry the organization into the next era of work. By doing so, IT teams can ensure that they are meeting the expectations set by the pandemic and are well-positioned to take on a strategic role in the future.


The extended team model is a popular approach for projects that require specialized skills such as software development or design, where it may not be possible for the in-house team to have all the necessary expertise. By outsourcing specific parts of the project to an external team, the in-house team can concentrate on core business activities while still delivering high-quality work. In this model, the project is managed by the in-house team, while the external service provider is responsible for providing specific services or resources required for the project. This approach allows organizations to leverage the expertise of external service providers while still maintaining the flexibility and control to make adjustments as necessary.

One of the key benefits of the extended team model is the ability to scale up or down the team size based on the project’s needs. This model enables organizations to expand their capabilities without investing in new resources or infrastructure. The in-house team can bring in external resources when required, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution. Additionally, the extended team model can enhance project management and reduce the time required for project completion. By leveraging the skills and knowledge of external service providers, the in-house team can focus on core project activities, reducing the overall time required to complete the project.


Another trend is the increasing importance of data in nearly all industries. This is likely to create new job opportunities for data analysts and data scientists, who can help organizations extract insights and make more informed decisions based on the data they collect.

In addition, the rise of remote work and the growing importance of work-life balance may lead to more flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting and flexible work hours. This may also create new opportunities for IT professionals who can work remotely or offer their services as independent contractors.

Finally, the ongoing shift towards cloud-based technologies and infrastructure will likely create new opportunities for IT professionals who specialize in cloud computing, DevOps, and related fields. These professionals will be responsible for managing and maintaining cloud-based systems and applications, as well as developing new cloud-based technologies and tools.


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