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Angular Specialist

Angular is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks and it is used to create dynamic websites. Today there is hardly a website that does not use it. It builds nicely on the HTML foundation of your website and it gives the website that little bit extra that makes it stand out. This is therefore essential for you as a -future- Web Developer. Knowing more? Then read on!

What is an – Angular – framework?

A javascript framework is a technology that allows you to easily build a website web application for all browsers. The framework determines what your website looks like and how the code should be structured. The framework therefore determines to a large extent what the website will look like. So it takes a lot of work off your hands as a developer because the framework has already determined a lot for you. A JavaScript framework is built in such a way that the website you want to build with it works in multiple browsers. The DOM, the way a website’s code must be structured to work in a browser, varies from browser to browser. It is of course very inconvenient to have to write your code again for each browser. That is why the framework does this nicely for you. It ensures that you do not have to take the different platforms into account. This of course saves you a lot of work and it is therefore used a lot.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework built on the Model-View-Controller concept. This means that when a user uses the website and, for example, clicks on something, the image changes accordingly. Angular JS was intended to decouple the code for the website from the DOM, the way a website’s code must be structured to work in a browser, and it was mainly intended to be able to create dynamic websites. To make this Model-View-Concept possible, the interface, the frontend, must be updated simultaneously with the database, the backend. This was also first introduced in Angular JS.

What is Angular 6?

Angular became so popular that new versions came out quickly. Nowadays there is even an Angular 6. The newer Angulars are the faster and better versions of Angular JS. Angular 6 is similar in purpose to Angular JS, which is to create dynamic interfaces for websites. What Angular 6 is can therefore best be described on the basis of the differences with Angular JS.

Difference Between Angular JS and 6

One of the major differences between Angular JS and 6 is that the JS version uses JavaScript as its programming language and version 6 uses Microsoft’s TypeScript as its language. TypeScript is like a layer on top of the JavaScript language. Just like slang and dialect is a kind of extra dimension to the ordinary language. For example, TypeScript is an extra dimension on top of JavaScript. In addition, Angular 6 is able to make an interactive website work on your mobile device too!

Advantages of Angular

Besides the fact that Angular is supported by different platforms – web, mobile, and desktop – it is very powerful and modern. Still not convinced you should learn this? Here are even more benefits:

  • Angular ensures that your code is nicely structured and that you don’t have to spend whole days understanding the code
  • It’s even better than JavaScript. Since Angular is built with TypeScript, which is another extension of JavaScript, you get all of JavaScript plus a bonus!
  • It works super easy in combination with HTML, has many tools that allow you to get started designing your application right away and you don’t have to worry about compatibility.
  • The testing of the application happens for you, so you don’t have to do anything about it
  • Angular is mobile and desktop ready and is regularly updated by an active community so it always works optimally!

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