Fill You In uses pre-existing and highly regarded tools. That is why we work with Testgorilla.

Created and validated by experts

It all starts with the psychometric team of our partners. First, they use the proven and established principles of test theory to design the framework for the assessments. Subsequently, subject matter experts in each field develop the questions for these tests under the guidance of our team, in research terms also operationalizing the questioning of matter mastery. These tests are then reviewed by other experts to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

Reliable tests backed by science

The work doesn’t stop there. Our partners’ advanced statistical algorithms analyze key indicators that continuously verify and improve assessments. They use measures such as Cronbach’s alpha to help track and confirm the internal consistency of questions in a test .

Predicting job success with data

Using the UGESP employee selection framework and the U.S. Department of Labor’s skills analysis, we verify the content validity (what a test actually evaluates) of each of our tests.

Our partners also collect feedback from our clients about the performance of candidates they hire. This helps confirm the predictive validity of each test and allows our partners to make data-driven recommendations about which tests to use for a particular function.

Scholarship for all candidates

Our partners’ platforms are built and tested to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) standards to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. This means that your best candidates will be ranked highest regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or age. They also periodically use differential item functioning (DIF) studies performed on data collected from candidates. This helps them to continuously remove possible negative consequences of the recruitment process.