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Fill You In has the following Blockchain and Crypto specializations in the database
How does the platform work?

Blockchain and Crypto

Our process in brief


As soon as an IT Professional has registered for the platform, he/she is extensively screened and tested for an assessment.

Quality Assurance

Only the best are visible on the platform and are offered by Fill You In. Due to the extensive screening, we can guarantee the quality and keep the level high.

Recruitment and selection procedure

More than 1,000 IT Professionals are ready to get started in our digital platform. We guarantee to be able to forward 3 suitable candidates for your vacancy/project within 5 working days.


Fill You In works on a No Cure, No Pay basis. That is to say, we only charge costs if one of our IT Professionals works for your company.

Answers to important questions

Is your question not listed? Please contact us or schedule a video call.

Our IT Professionals are on the payroll of our international entities. They receive an above-market salary from us, including:

  • Bonus system
  • Medical insurance and also for his or her family
  • Every opportunity to develop

This differs per professional. Do you not score high enough on a component in the assessment? Then we can offer training to improve your skills.

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