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1. Choose from a wide range

Many companies are faced with a shortage of IT professionals. IT vacancies are difficult to or even not filled. This inhibits business activity or even business growth. IT professionals are hard to find and expensive.

We offer the solution for this: IT remote. Your IT vacancy adequately filled within 5 working days, with a 100% quality guarantee, 100% security guarantee, and 100% delivery guarantee. These guarantees ensure your continuity and the realization of your growth ambitions.

2. Register for the digital platform

To gain access to the digital platform, you must first register. Fill You In will process this registration within 3 hours. When you get approval, you can enter the platform and create your profile.

3. Your order was easily placed

Post your vacancy in the Fill You In platform. Within 5 working days, you will always receive 3 suitable IT professionals who will be linked to your vacancy. You can also search the platform for a suitable candidate yourself. With over 1000 qualified and certified IT professionals, there is always a suitable candidate among them.

4. Qualified Candidates Only

To ensure our quality, our candidates/IT Professionals are thoroughly screened by us and have successfully completed an assessment. Our assessment consists of several parts:

  • Hard skills
  • Communication
  • Personality test
  • Experience

5. The suitable candidates

All our IT Professionals have been screened by us and have completed an assessment prepared by us. This is to guarantee the quality of our IT Professionals. The suitable candidates will be linked to your vacancy. These candidates will be visible in your account.

6. Direct contact

After the extensive screening of Fill You In, it is still up to you to assess whether the candidate fits the vacancy. You can easily get in touch with the candidate from the platform.

How Fill You In works in 2 minutes

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