What exactly does a Data Developer do?

Here you will find more information about what the work of a Data Developer entails
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What does a Data Engineer do?

As a Data Engineer you are responsible for linking, organizing and opening up data, so that others in your organization (or at the customer) can make effective use of it.As a Data Engineer you use Business Intelligence to organize data from various databases in a so-called “data warehouse”. To do this, you apply your expertise to develop scripts and algorithms that bring together and organize the available data. Often you have to work on different platforms, because the data comes from different sources.

You are also involved in implementing information products. The ultimate goal of the Data Engineer is to deliver information products (for example, reports), with which you help others in your organization (or at the customer) to make the right decisions. As a Data Engineer you create those reports. In this role you always have close contact with stakeholders on the business side. Most companies have a clear idea of what kind of information they need and how they want to receive it. It is the task of the Data Engineer to organize and set this up.

data developer

Which competencies?

Being successful as a Data Engineer takes a lot. You must have knowledge of databases, be able to use different tools and you must be able to develop scripts and algorithms. Of course, personal skills should also not be missing, since you often have to deal with stakeholders on both the technical and the business side. We will help you to develop these skills, so that you can start successfully as a Data Engineer.

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