What exactly does a SAP Specialist do?

Here you will find more information about what the work of a SAP specialist entails
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What is SAP?

SAP stands for Systeme, A nwendungen und Pproduced in the datenverarbeitung. In other words, Systems, Applications and Products. Originally SAP – as the name suggests – is a German company that develops software. SAP specializes in business software solutions and its main product is SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). With this program you can manage and record business processes. This program ensures that the information and operating systems are linked together.

SAP ERP ensures that everything that happens in a company is linked together. In this way, different departments can correspond with each other and read and use data from each other. Think, for example, of financial administration, distribution or personnel administration. In this way, SAP ERP is used to make the company and its business processes as efficient as possible.

It is impossible to have a complete SAP ERP system developed by one person, because SAP ERP consists of hundreds of modules. Each SAP Consultant is specialized in a separate module. Think, for example, of a module that is specified on the finance module or the distribution and sales module.

Different modules

All these modules are divided into eight categories, known as main modules, in SAP ECC (Enterprise Core Component). We are talking about the following eight modules:

  • SAP ERP Analytics
  • SAP ERP Financial
  • SAP ERP Human Capital Management
  • SAP ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution
  • SAP ERP Product Development and Manufacturing
  • SAP ERP Sales and Services
  • SAP ERP Corporate Services
  • SAP ERP SAP NetWeaver
SAP developer

You can code SAP in different programming languages. Programming languages that you can master for SAP are, for example, ABAP, Fiori, UI5 and NetWeaver. In addition, there are different operating systems for SAP. Former operating systems are R2 and R3. Meanwhile, there is a newer operating system called S/4 HANA.

What is SAP S/4HANA?

As we indicated above, SAP S/4HANA is the operating system of SAP ERP. This means that the core of the ERP system is controlled by SAP S/4HANA. It is the digital core that ensures that the efficient solutions that an organization requires are actually implemented.

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