What exactly does a SQL Developer do?

Here you will find more information about what the work of a SQL Developer entails
SQL Developer

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What does SQL mean?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which in Dutch can be freely translated to “Applications to the database in a structured way”. It is a programming language designed to communicate with databases. SQL is mainly present behind the scenes and is used in and around websites for, among other things, storing data in a database, but also retrieving data from this database.

What can you do with SQL?

SQL is a database dependent programming language. So you can use this language on multiple databases, such as Oracle Database, Microsoft Access or mySQL. As we mentioned above, SQL is a programming language that you can use to interact with these databases. To do this, queries are used. A query is a string of characters written in ASCII characters. In other words, a command that is given to the database to perform a certain action.

With SQL you can, among other things:

  • Querying a database
  • Extracting data from a database
  • Archive, update and delete data from a database
  • Create new databases
  • Add tables to this database and view the database
  • Create SQL permissions.

SQL has a limited number of statements, so it is quite easy to learn. In addition, the language can be found just about everywhere and it is used for various expressions, such as the database of a bank, for example, but also that of a small webshop.

SQL Developer

What work can you do with SQL?

If you master SQL, you can hold different positions, depending on your knowledge and work experience. SQL is therefore a platform-dependent language, as a SQL Developer you can specialize in one of the platforms and, for example, perform the ‘Oracle Developer’ function. You are then specialized in managing and applying (only) Oracle applications. Still, it is common to have experience with different database systems. As a SQL Developer you are involved on a daily basis with managing and designing these database systems based on the software and syntax of, for example, Oracle, PostgreSQL or DB2. A different database system is used for operating systems such as iOS, Windows and Linux. Versatility is therefore important within this position.


As a SQL Developer your activities mainly consist of:

  • Developing and setting up complex database schemes;
  • Modeling database schemas for information systems;
  • Managing logical and physical data models;
  • Assess, implement, document and integrate new solutions;
  • Supporting users and developers of the database(s).

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