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Waarom Fill You In?


The IT professional will receive an above-market salary from Fill You In, including a savings plan, family health insurance, and training courses to further develop both hard and soft skills.

Employee care

Only the best developers are visible on the platform and offered by Fill You In. Extensive screening ensures quality and keeps the level high.

Dutch account management

It is Fill You In's experience that technical operations for customers often already (partly) take place in English. Nevertheless, Fill You In attaches great importance to account management in Dutch because it has been shown that meta-communication and evaluation in the mother tongue cost less energy for the customer.

1. Easily create an account

An IT professional can always create an account with Fill You In for free. With an account, the developer can be approached by organisations and recruiters from Europe. Because Fill You In only accepts ‘end clients’ into the network, there is always direct contact with the person who shares the assignment or invites candidates for an interview.

2. Invitation to the assessment

As soon as a developer is registered with Fill You In and has passed the initial screening, the (potential) candidate will receive an invitation by e-mail to take the assessment. For questions about the assessment, IT professionals can always turn to Fill You In for support.

3. Assessment and profile assessment

To ensure quality, all candidates are extensively screened; these developers have also completed an assessment. The assessment consists of several components:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Communication
  • Personality test

Fill You In is committed to long-term cooperation, ensuring quality and sustainable productivity at all times.

4. The profile will be made public in the platform

With a complete profile, a developer is visible only to clients and not to other professionals. Besides key profile details such as a CV, it is advisable to make the profile ‘richer’ by adding an introduction video, client reviews, and personal motivations, and additional soft skills. More and more clients see this as added value.

IT Professionals

5. Get started!

As soon as a vacancy is posted, Fill You In will match the most suitable candidate. As a candidate prefer to respond yourself because an assignment appeals? That is also possible. Once the client is interested, an interview will be scheduled.

How Fill You In works in 2 minutes

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