About Fill You In

We believe that IT is a means and not an end in itself. Organizations need to be able to grow as fast as they want, when they want. This is not easy due to the current IT market, there is scarcity, apart from the effort it takes to fill IT vacancies, it is also very expensive due to market forces. We are happy to help you to more IT capacity for a good price.

We have experienced the ‘pain’ of paying too much for relatively simple IT issues. Whether these were internal or external forces, we simply did not find the balance between benefits and costs. For example, 5 years ago we started looking a little further from our bed show, literally. We ended up in Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. We have optimized the working method since 2017. You are now reaping the benefits. European quality for an un-European price.

Organizations with more than 500 IT people in India

Our method