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Many companies are faced with a shortage of IT professionals. IT vacancies are difficult or even unfilled. This inhibits business activity or even business growth. IT professionals are hard to find and expensive. In a tight labor market, it is advisable to look at various options with an open mind to find suitable personnel. That is how Fill You In was created, by recruiting offshore.

Fill You In beliefs in creating the ideal profile of a desired IT professional in the Netherlands and expanding the search for this Professional in India, with all the cultural and physical benefits that entail. We have built a remote frame around this local management, where Fill You In forms the bridge. That is, in locations where our IT professionals work, we have partners and managers to provide our professionals with an extra layer of support and assistance. Below we show step-by-step how the process will go.

1. Register and create an account

A user creates an account to find the right IT professional for a specific vacancy or project. The digital Fill You In platform contains many IT professionals who would like to start a remote IT job in Europe. FYI also sourced on-demand, which means: a customer searches for a specific profile, Fill You In gets to work immediately.
  • The account was created within 5 minutes
  • More than 1,000 IT professionals at your fingertips
  • Fill You In has international Payrolling

2. Assessment

Thanks to an assessment-based recruitment method, we know what people can do. We match the outcomes and insights of the assessments with the ambition of the customer. This is done on people’s measured skills rather than just a resume.

The assessment is the first step of our process and works as a gatekeeper. If the candidate has the level that Fill You In strives for its customers, we will continue with the recruitment process.

3. Quality Assurance

In addition to the assessment, every IT professional receives personal training and mentorship. In the meantime, many training sessions are given and there is a buddy system and a path is outlined based on motivations. FYI experiences that this leads to open communication, connection, and safety. Because candidates are tested for quality upon arrival, Fill You In mainly focuses on growth after achieving the standard, so quality is not only guaranteed but also increased during the collaboration.

4. Recruitment and selection procedure

Sourcing, analysis, and commitment are at the heart of Fill You In. In addition to doing extensive tests through assessment modules that are a combination of customization and leading testing systems within hiring and IT. Only the best candidates make it through the first round. When developers score very well, FYI invests time in in-depth interviews to further discuss motivations and ambitions. This is important for the sustainability of the collaboration, but also extensive testing of English speaking. When this also matches the profile sketched by the customer, cross-cultural adaptation training follows. Finally, the developer participates in one or more half-day sessions in which FYI makes adjustments if necessary and provides feedback on the collaboration between the developer and a cross-cultural (virtual) team.

5. Match! Contact between client and candidate

Yes, a match! Whether this is done through on-demand sourcing or our database, Fill You In works on No Cure No Pay. So you are only charged when the customer reaps the benefits of Fill You in, in the form of a productive motivated remote developer.

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