Only tested IT professionals

About assessment-based recruitment

All IT professionals in the databases have completed a successful assessment

How does the assessment work?

To guarantee our quality, our IT professionals have been extensively screened by us and have successfully completed an assessment. In addition, every IT professional receives their own quality monitor from us. This quality monitor is present at the same location as the professional and is continuously working on guaranteeing your wishes/requirements. Fil You In strives for long-term collaborations, whereby quality of work and collaboration must be guaranteed at all times.

Steps in the assessment

Access to assessment

Access to the digital assessment. At the initiative of FYI or on its own initiative, candidate asks for an opportunity, the developer receives a link within minutes.

Application video

The candidate makes an introduction video in which the developer in question introduces himself and briefly mentions his strengths and points for improvement.

Hard skill test

The candidate takes several digital tests that test whether the developer has the skills to perform tasks within the project / or sprint scope of a team.

Soft skill test

Multiple tests assessing the candidate's skills to collaborate within an IT team with a focus on cross-cultural and virtual collaboration within the client's expectations and requirements.

Experience, science and data

Fill You In has been working with offshore developers for more than 7 years, customers reap the benefits. So-called childhood diseases have been eliminated, possible pitfalls have been sealed. On top of this experience, FYI believes in leveraging scientific literature and making data-driven decisions. That is why Fill You In now focuses entirely on measurable results and tests, also known as assessments. These assessments are formed from a combination of best practices from leading assessment organizations and customization. Our partners use the proven and established principles of test theory to design the framework for their assessments. Subsequently, subject matter experts in each field develop the questions for these tests under the guidance of our team, in research terms also operationalizing the questioning of matter mastery. These tests are then reviewed by other experts to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness. This is again tested against reality, the actual results at our customers.

After passing an assessment

Only the best candidates make it through the first round. When developers score very well, Fill You In invests time in in-depth interviews to further explore motivations and ambition. This is important for the sustainability of the collaboration, but also extensive testing of English speaking. When this also matches the profile that the customer outlines, a cross-cultural adaptation training follows. Finally, the developer runs a co-working period in which FYI, if necessary, adjusts and provides feedback on the collaboration between the developer and a cross-cultural virtual team.

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Training for dropouts

Sometimes Fill You In comes across rough diamonds. Unpolished top developers who still need to improve on a few things before they can be really productive for customers. FYI doesn't like to exclude talent, that doesn't happen to developers who just don't pass the assessment. These talents receive clear feedback with starting points on which they can improve and how they can do this.

Answers to important questions

Are there still uncertainties? Then schedule a video call. Fill You In is happy to explore the possibilities, without any obligation.

An assessment is part of some application procedures. It consists of various psychological tests, where you answer questions, conduct conversations and show how you react in certain work situations. Think of a personality test. The results of your assessment will help the organization to choose the most suitable candidate.

This will look at your communication skills and your English. Make sure you speak clearly and calmly.

This differs per field. But they will always match your professionalism.

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