Filled in your IT vacancy with a 100% quality guarantee

To offer this guarantee, we pragmatically check the quality of our candidates.
How does the platform work?

Control Fill You In

As soon as a Professional creates an account in our platform, they are not yet visible in the system. Each account will be examined in detail by a colleague from Europe. We want to help the professional improve his/her account and, on the other hand, also make sure that only high-quality professionals can be found.

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Employee care

Quality assurance by taking care of your own people

Fill You In believes that everyone gains the most from long-term collaborations. Especially when an organization is good for its greatest assets, the people. By removing basic concerns for Fill You In developers, for now, and for later, FYI binds the professionals for a long time. This is the most important pillar for continuity and return on investment. Together with customers, Fill You In invests a lot of time and energy in keeping the developers productive, happy, and satisfied. After all, the standard in the field of hard and soft skills has already been achieved during the assessment. The focus is therefore on commitment and growth from and for the professionals.

Dutch account management

Free and open communication

It is Fill You In’s experience that technical operations for customers often already (partly) take place in English. Nevertheless, Fill You In attaches great importance to account management in Dutch because it has been shown that meta-communication and evaluation in the mother tongue cost less energy for the customer. We are happy to facilitate this convenience. If this preference is not available, there is of course the option for English account management.

Periodic Tests & Evaluation

In addition to the quality check on arrival, only the best developers are invited for an interview, Fill You In periodically tests and evaluates the collaboration. The results of these interim tests form the guideline for personal development discussions with professionals. The evaluation is a combination of the results of the tests, the results achieved by the customer, and the experience of the customer and developer themselves. The experience is that a short conversation every month with the developer and a longer conversation every two months for + evaluation with the customer is a good frequency.

The structure of the assessment

This has all the requirements to make a match. Meets all criteria related to the screening, but did not participate in our own assessment.

These Professionals have taken part in an extra assessment. This assessment consists of a 1.5-hour test in which we measure/test different pillars.

Think of all competencies that are possible within a field.

We measure all forms of communication here. Language use, writing, intelligibility, etc.

We investigate what kind of person is behind the Professional. This is to make an even better match with a possible team or manager.

Last, but certainly not least, we also test the experience of our professionals. What has been achieved, but above all what else is in it.

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