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Recruitment and selection procedure

Sourcing, analysis, and commitment are at the heart of Fill You In. In addition to doing extensive tests through assessment modules that are a combination of customization and leading testing systems within hiring and IT. Only the best candidates make it through the first round. When developers score very well, FYI invests time in in-depth interviews to further discuss motivations and ambitions. This is important for the sustainability of the collaboration, but also extensive testing of English speaking. When this also matches the profile sketched by the customer, cross-cultural adaptation training follows. Finally, the developer participates in one or more half-day sessions in which FYI makes adjustments if necessary and provides feedback on the collaboration between the developer and a cross-cultural (virtual) team.

Laws and regulations & Payrolling

Fill You In has its own entity in several countries. This has many advantages in terms of employment law. In addition, the IT professional signs a locally binding confidentiality agreement in the employment agreement. Our IT Professionals come on the Fill You In payroll.

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Quality assurance and assessment

To guarantee our quality, our candidates/IT Professionals have been extensively screened by us and have completed an assessment. Our assessment consists of several parts:

  • Hard skills
  • Communication
  • Personality test
  • Experience

We strive for long-term cooperation, which means that quality must be guaranteed at all times.

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