Filled in your IT vacancy: 100% guaranteed quality

Outsourcing your IT activities can feel like a risk. Fill You In commits itself to 100% qualitative execution of your IT vacancy or IT project. In order to offer this guarantee, we pragmatically check the quality of our candidates.

Phase 1 Candidate access to platform

Screening foreign entities

We train our recruiters under Western standards and values. We create conditions in our own offices that they cannot get elsewhere. This ranges from excellent working conditions to the workplace they work at. We create a unique career path for every FTE that fits within the wishes of the employee. By giving our recruiters the Western experience in this way, they also understand what quality we want. Of course, not every Professional will immediately understand the Western mentality, but then our recruiters are trained to recognize this and to see if it can be a suitable match based on a personality test.

Unverified IT Professional:

This has all the requirements to make a match. Meets all criteria related to the screening, but did not participate in our own assessment.

Verified IT Professional:

These Professionals have taken part in an extra assessment. This assessment consists of a 1.5-hour test in which we measure/test different pillars.

Technical skills

Think of all competencies that are possible within a field.


We measure all forms of communication here. Language use, writing, intelligibility, etc.

personality test

We investigate what kind of person is behind the Professional. This to make an even better match with a possible team or manager.


Last, but certainly not least, we also test the experience of our professionals. What has been achieved, but above all what else is in it.

Control Fill You In

As soon as a Professional creates an account in our platform, they are not yet visible in the system. Each account will be examined in detail by a colleague from Europe. We want to help the professional improve his/her account and, on the other hand, also make sure that only high-quality professionals can be found.

Phase 2 candidate on the platform

Review Recruiter

We believe in long-term cooperation. That is why it is important for us to always keep our quality level high. We oblige every recruiter to give a review after placing a professional on a Western vacancy. This assessment will be during and after the collaboration. These reviews will eventually be displayed on the IT professional’s account.

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