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Our method

Many companies are faced with a shortage of IT professionals. IT vacancies are difficult or even not filled. This inhibits business activity or even business growth. IT professionals are hard to find and expensive. In a tight labor market, it is advisable to look at various options with an open mind to find suitable personnel. That is how Fill You In was created, by recruiting first nearshore and later offshore.

Fill You In believes in creating the ideal profile of a desired IT Professional in the Netherlands and expanding the search for this Professional in India, with all the cultural and physical benefits that entails. We have built a remote frame around this local management, where Fill You In forms the bridge. That is, at locations where our IT Professionals work, we have partners and managers to provide our Professionals with an extra layer of support and assistance.

Our recruitment process is characterized by joining local recruitment partners who know the ins and outs of the market. Our partners use the Fill You In platform to proactively and reactively find suitable candidates for their open positions. The focus is on actually mastering the subject matter with the accompanying skills, so we only work with professionals that we have screened and who are also successful in our approach. assessment have completed. We also invest a lot in the further development of our IT Professionals of both hard and soft skills. More than 1,000 IT Professionals are ready to get started in our digital platform. Together we describe the ideal candidate for your vacancy. We will make this concrete in an exploratory meeting. We guarantee you in 5 working days to be able to forward 3 suitable candidates. This is followed by an online job interview of approximately 15-30 minutes, so that you can make a choice for the desired IT Professional.

Laws and regulations & Payrolling

  • Fill You In has its own entity in several countries .
  • We use the local laws and regulations of our client.
  • Our IT Professional signs a confidentiality statement in his or her employment contract.
  • Our IT Professionals are on the payroll of our own international entities. So the Professional is not on your own payroll. The Professional receives from us a salary above the market, including bonus system, mmedical insurance (also for his or her family) and all opportunities for further development.

Recruitment and selection procedure

Together we describe the ideal candidate for your vacancy/project. We will make this concrete in an exploratory meeting. After we have received the order from you, we immediately get to work. We do this by deploying our own recruiters network worldwide. We guarantee to be able to forward 3 suitable candidates within 5 working days. You decide whether you want to invite a candidate or several candidates for an interview. A job interview will take approx Takes 15-30 minutes and always takes place online (via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams) at a time that suits you.

Quality assurance and assessment

To guarantee our quality, our candidates/IT Professionals have been extensively screened by us and have successfully completed an assessment . Our assessment consists of several parts:

  • hard skills
  • Communication
  • personality test
  • Experience

In addition, each IT Professional receives its own quality monitor from us. This quality monitor is located in the same location as the Professional and is  continuously working on guaranteeing your wishes/requirements.

We strive for long-term cooperation, which means that quality must be guaranteed at all times.

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