Why Fill You In?

Offshore Benefits, Low Risk High Value

The great challenge as an organization to employ enough people to grow versus cost control remains an eternal battle. As in many markets, there is an advantage when purchasing in Southeast Asia. Then there is again the challenge that cultural difference entails, in addition, there are often different ideas about the quality of the service or product. To manage this it is often necessary to send an agent or even a department to the country of production. By normalizing remote working in combination with Fill You In’s years of offshore experience, your organization saves blood sweat and tears and you can immediately hire professionals on location. In fact, you hire us as an organization in the Netherlands, as long or as short as you want. want. In short, all the advantages of working with a Dutch organization for a Southeast Asian price.

What about quality then?

We tackle this through an intensive test and onboarding process. Read all about assessment bases hiring here.
Social entrepreneurship
Invest locally in education and charities.
  • We help the local schooling
  • We help local charities