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Deloitte empowers Irish Public Sector with transformative RPA partnership

Kriti Kumar | 05/03/2024

Deloitte’s collaboration with various public sector organizations in Ireland represents a significant leap forward in the realm of digital transformation, particularly through the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Over the past three years, Deloitte has partnered with entities such as the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform and the Office of Government Procurement to leverage RPA’s potential. The results have been remarkable, with Deloitte helping to reduce administrative burdens by over 95,000 working days, demonstrating tangible efficiencies and cost savings.


Under the framework established with public sector bodies, Deloitte’s Robotic & Intelligent Automation Team collaborates across various domains, from healthcare to local government, to reimagine service delivery using RPA software. The implementation of RPA has led to improved employee and citizen experiences, enhanced data quality and accuracy, better management of workload spikes, and increased capacity and flexibility among public sector teams. Standardized processes facilitated by RPA ensure reliability, auditability, and consistency in outcomes, thereby enhancing public trust and satisfaction.


A crucial aspect of Deloitte’s approach is the empowerment of public service staff to become proficient in RPA usage. Through extensive training, upskilling, and knowledge transfer initiatives, Deloitte aims to build capability and expertise within the Irish public sector, making the path to RPA adoption becomes more accessible and sustainable.


By leveraging RPA as a key enabler of digital transformation, Deloitte and its partners are driving tangible value for both the Irish public sector and its citizens, paving the way for continued innovation and efficiency gains in the digital era.

Fill You In stands at the forefront of RPA expertise, aligning seamlessly with the transformative initiatives witnessed in the Irish public sector. Our commitment lies in harnessing the power of RPA to drive digital evolution, reduce administrative overhead, and empower organizations for sustained efficiency gains.

Fill You In boasts a team of top-tier RPA developers who excel not only in RPA technologies but also in innovating solutions that align with the evolving needs of the public sector. Our developers lead the charge in adopting RPA to reimagine and optimize essential public services, showcasing a dedication to excellence in automation.

Deloitte Empowers Irish Public Sector with Transformative RPA Partnership


Our opinion

Some may question the adaptability and impact of RPA, fearing potential job displacement or resistance to change. However, Fill You In asserts that RPA is a transformative tool that, when implemented strategically, enhances human capabilities, allowing professionals to focus on higher-value tasks. The key is to view RPA not as a replacement for human efforts but as a catalyst for efficiency, accuracy, and overall service enhancement. Our aggressive stance supports the integration of RPA as an empowering force, ensuring that technology works hand-in-hand with human potential to drive unparalleled outcomes in the digital era.


Tanvi Gupta

IT recruiter