Our database is continuously updated with new profiles of the IT Professionals verified by us. So that the quality of the services provided by our professionals is guaranteed.

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Your IT vacancy filled within 5 working days, 3x cheaper, by a qualified IT professional? It's possible at Fill You In!

Many companies are faced with a shortage of IT professionals. IT vacancies are difficult or even not filled. This inhibits business activity or even business growth. IT professionals are hard to find and expensive.

We offer the solution for this: remote IT. Your IT vacancy adequately filled within 5 working days, with 100% quality guarantee, 100% security guarantee, 100% delivery guarantee. Our IT Professionals are also up to 3x cheaper than IT professionals from the Netherlands or other western countries.

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Create an account to find the right IT Professional for your vacancy/project. More than 1,000 IT Professionals are ready to get started in our digital platform. Filter by competencies to make the right match.

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Matching and quality assurance

Digital Matching

Find and match the right IT Professional in our digital platform for your vacancy/project

Western quality

All our IT Professionals have been screened by us and have successfully completed an assessment prepared by us. This is to guarantee the quality of our IT Professionals. We test the following matters, among other things: Technical skills, Skills, Control of the English language, Personality

Interesting vacancies

Our method in brief

Initial interview

Together we describe the ideal candidate for your vacancy. We will make this concrete in an exploratory meeting.

Recruitment and selection procedure

More than 1,000 IT Professionals are ready to get started in our digital platform. We guarantee to be able to forward 3 suitable candidates for your vacancy/project within 5 working days.
The job interview with the candidate always takes place online via, for example, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.


Fill You In works on a No Cure, No Pay basis. That is to say, we only charge costs if one of our IT Professionals actually starts working for your company.

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