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Are you an IT professional looking for an IT assignment? Then look no further!
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Join our team and experience a fulfilling career experience a fulfilling career experience a fulfilling career that values your well-being

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What makes Fill You In unique?


The IT professional receives from us a salary that is above the market, including: Bonus system Medical insurance and also for his or her family Every opportunity to develop

Employee care

Fill You In believes that everyone gains the most from long-term collaborations. Especially when an organization is good for its greatest assets, the people. By removing basic concerns for Fill You In developers, for now and for later, FYI binds the professionals for a long time.

Dutch account management

It is Fill You In's experience that technical operations for customers often already (partly) take place in English. Nevertheless, Fill You In attaches great importance to account management in Dutch because it has been shown that meta-communication and evaluation in the mother tongue cost less energy for the customer.

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How does the platform work

For IT professionals

As a professional, you can create an account for free at Fill You In. With an account, you can be approached by organizations and recruiters from Europe.

As soon as you are registered with Fill You In and have passed the first screening, you will receive an invitation by e-mail to take the assessment.

To guarantee our quality, our candidates/IT Professionals have been extensively screened by us and have completed an assessment. Our assessment consists of several parts:

  • Hard skills
  • Communication
  • Personality test
  • Experience

With a complete profile, you are not visible as a professional in the entire network. You are only visible to clients and not to other professionals.

As soon as a vacancy is posted, Fill You In will match the most suitable candidate. Do you want to respond yourself because you think this suits you? That is also possible. An interview will be scheduled as soon as the client is interested.


For IT professionals

Our database is always filled with challenging offshore assignments

Are you a freelance IT specialist and looking for an IT assignment? Then look no further! Fill You In knows how to make the best match between you and the client. Do you want to know more about what Fill You In? Then contact us or register as a professional.

Why the Fill You In platform is different

Create an account to find the right IT Professional for your vacancy/project. Our digital platform has more than 1,000 IT Professionals ready to start. Filter by competencies to make the right match.

Answers to important questions

Is your question not listed? Please contact us or schedule a video call.

Our IT Professionals are on the payroll of our international entities. They receive an above-market salary from us, including:

  • Bonus system
  • Medical insurance and also for his or her family
  • Every opportunity to develop

This differs per professional. Do you not score high enough on a component in the assessment? Then we can offer training to improve your skills.

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