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Are you looking for IT developers but can’t find them? Fill You In has the one-stop solution for the IT shortage for you: remote IT outstaffing with Dutch, full management.

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This is what we do for


Our mission is to make the Indian IT potential available to every organization. We connect them and provide a first-class service. We do this by supporting the IT developer and organization in their collaboration and offering the option of remote working. We envision a world where every developer and every company can work together.


We envision a world in which Indian IT developers can collaborate with organizations from all over the world. And Fill You In will be the bridge between them.

We connect global IT potential

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Patrick Vrijhoef

CEO / Co-Founder

Hobie Windt

CTO / Co-Founder

Patrick Vrijhoef

CMO / Co-Founder

Origin of Fill You In

In 2017, the founders started looking for more affordable IT workers to build a circular economy platform, which turned out to be so expensive in the Netherlands that the return on investment, even if all objectives were achieved, was not very attractive. The founders, therefore, looked further from home, in eastern Europe and later in India. Since 2017, this remote working method has been optimized.
Fill You In believes that IT is a means and not an end in itself. Organizations in 2022 need IT professionals on a large scale to achieve growth ambitions. Due to the tightness in the IT market, this is not easy. Apart from the difficulty of filling an IT vacancy, it is also very costly to retain people. Fill You In is happy to help increase IT capacity, quickly and sustainably.
Oprichting AYWIT

Softwareontwikkeling in India

AYWIT outsourcing

Grote Outsourcing opdrachten


Aanbieden van de eerste remote IT developers 

Remote werken

Corona veranderd wereldwijd de werkwijze en remote is overal van toepassing

Fill You In
Fill You In

Stijgende vraag naar IT outstaffing. Fill You In is ontstaan om de focus te houden op deze specifieke onderdeel.

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