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About Fill You In

“Let’s make the world a bit smaller and bring supply and demand together”.

About Fill You In

Six years ago, the founders started looking for more affordable IT forces to get a circular economy platform built, this proved so costly in the Netherlands that the ‘return on investment’, even if all objectives were met, was not very attractive. The founders, therefore, looked further from home, in eastern Europe and later in India. Since 2017, this remote working method has been optimized. All mistakes have been made, and all teething problems removed. These learnings and insights are integrated into the Fill You In way of working and lead to European quality for a non-European price.
Fill You In believes that IT is a means and not an end in itself. Organizations in 2022 need IT professionals on a large scale to achieve growth ambitions. Due to the tightness in the IT market, this is not easy. Apart from the difficulty of filling an IT vacancy, it is also very costly to retain people. Fill You In is happy to help increase IT capacity, quickly and sustainably.

Pleasant and safe working environment

A pleasant working environment and good working conditions are essential for satisfied staff and, by extension, sustainable productivity. It ensures that colleagues enjoy going to work and also contributes to personal branding. That is why Fill You In invests in good offices, with the right look and furnishings. If required, FYI aligns this with the client's corporate identity and branding. In addition, all IT professionals receive an above-market salary, including savings plans and health insurance for themselves and the whole family. So that the developers can really just focus on the work.

Why the Fill You In platform is different

Good IT staff is increasingly difficult to find in the Netherlands. All the while, IT matters in your business are becoming an increasingly important element in your company’s operations. The solution is to seek and recruit IT workers, internationally.
With over 1,000 qualified & screened IT professionals, we always find the best match for both clients and professionals.

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What makes Fill You In unique?


The IT professional will receive an above-market salary from Fill You In, including a savings plan, family health insurance, and training courses to further develop both hard and soft skills.

Employee care

Only the best developers are visible on the platform and offered by Fill You In. Extensive screening ensures quality and keeps the level high.


The digital Fill You In platform has more than 1,000 IT Professionals ready to start. FYI guarantees to present 3 suitable candidates for a single vacancy or project within 5 working days.

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