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The database contains more than 1000+ qualified and vetted IT professionals who can start right away!
  • The account was created within 5 minutes
  • All IT professionals have been tested by means of an assessment
  • Fill You In has international Payrolling

Your search for top-notch IT talent top-notch IT talent top-notch IT talent ends here

With over 1000 vetted IT professionals, we have the experience and resources to fulfill all of your staffing needs
  • Maximum profit margin with high quality developers at competitive prices
  • Access to a network of 1000+ developers
  • Seamless collaboration support with our Team Coach

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Say goodbye to recruitment headaches

In today’s competitive market, finding talented IT staff in the Netherlands can be a challenge. With our extensive network of 1000+ qualified and screened IT professionals, we’re committed to finding the perfect match. We prioritise quality and assessment to ensure that we only select the best IT talent from India.

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Instant IT Solution

Our digital platform has over 1,000 screened and qualified experts, and we vouch to send you 3 suitable candidates for your project or vacancy within 5 working days.
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Screening process

Every IT professional who registers on our platform goes through a rigorous screening process that ensures we only hire developers with the perfect mix of hard and soft skills.
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Quality assurance

Only the best IT professionals make it onto our platform and our regular quality checks ensure that our developers meet your expectations from start to finish.
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No Cure, No Pay

Our No Cure, No Pay policy ensures that we only charge you when we successfully match a candidate to your company. With this approach, you can be confident in the quality of our services.

What makes Fill You In unique?


High quality with high profit margins
Say goodbye to overpriced IT services – our remote developers offer competitive rates and exceptional skills, allowing you to maximise your profit margin.


Vast Pool of India's Top IT Talent
We are a bridge that connects you to India's top IT talent with an extensive network of 1000+ developers who are handpicked by our local recruiters in India.


Effortless collaboration
We take care of all the collaboration and communication between you and our developers, making the entire process seamless.

How does the platform work

For recruiters

Online database with 1000+ verified and qualified IT people, immediately available!

To gain access to the digital platform, you must first register. Fill You In will process this registration within 3 hours. When you get approval, you can enter the platform and create your profile.

Post your vacancy in the Fill You In platform. Within 5 working days, you will always receive 3 suitable IT professionals who will be linked to your vacancy. You can also search the platform for a suitable candidate yourself.

To guarantee our quality, our candidates/IT Professionals have been extensively screened by us and have completed an assessment. Our assessment consists of several parts:

  • Hard skills
  • Communication
  • Personality test
  • Experience

You can easily get in touch with the candidate from the platform.

For clients

The easiest and fastest way to find suitable IT professionals

Create an account to find the right IT Professional for your vacancy/project. Our digital platform has more than 1,000 IT Professionals ready to start. Filter by competencies to make the right match.

  • The account was created within 5 minutes
  • More than 1,000 IT professionals at your fingertips
  • Fill You In has international Payrolling

Why the Fill You In platform is different

Create an account to find the right IT Professional for your vacancy/project. More than 1,000 IT Professionals are ready to get started in our digital platform. Filter by competencies to make the right match.

Answers to important questions

Are there still uncertainties? Then schedule a video call. Fill You In is happy to explore the possibilities, without any obligation.

Our IT Professionals are on the payroll of our international entities. They receive an above-market salary from us, including:

  • Bonus system
  • Medical insurance and also for his or her family
  • Every opportunity to develop

No, the time difference is not an issue. Our IT Professionals adjust their working hours to the wishes of our customers. Our IT Professionals start later or earlier, compared to the start time of a working day in the Netherlands. In addition, they do not have a 9 to 5 mentality and they work more hours a week than we are used to in the Netherlands.

Login to the platform and take a look around.

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