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About Fill You In

We are a bridge that connects you to India’s top IT talent at unbeatable price offering a unique remote collaboration support throughout.
We use a strict recruitment selection procedure. We screen all our Professionals ourselves and only work with Professionals who have successfully completed our assessment. You decide which IT Professional you want to add to your team or have your project carried out. So you always know who works for you and you also manage this Professional yourself.
A collaboration between Fill You In and your company would mean successful integration, breaking down of distance barriers and a seamless workflow. Our communication process, guided by a dedicated team coach and a 360 feedback tool, ensures regular updates and constructive feedback. This seamless workflow fosters innovation to drive your projects toward success.

Our recruitment services cover every step of the process, from the initial consultation and identifying the ideal candidate to introducing a range of potential hires, handling payroll, overseeing the entire onboarding process to account management. To maximize efficiency and minimize costs, we have made a conscious choice to have our IT professionals work from our offices in India rather than travelling to clients’ locations. We also maintain regular contact with both our customers in the Netherlands and our IT professionals based outside the Netherlands, providing ongoing support and addressing any concerns that arise during the hiring process.

We do payrolling via our Human Resource Management System. It ensures accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with laws and regulations allowing easy management and tracking of payroll. We are committed to provide our IT professionals with a comprehensive benefits package that includes an above-market salary, a bonus system, and employee care components.
We use a strict recruitment selection procedure. We work only with IT professionals who have successfully completed our assessment. The IT professional you select will sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their employment contract. We operate in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Netherlands.

Remote developers

Our Data Security & Protection policy ensures confidentiality and privacy of employees, clients and stakeholders. Compliant with ISO 27001, it outlines the guidelines and responsibilities for managing sensitive information.
We strictly follow IP Protection Strategy that involves conducting regular audits to ensure appropriate usage of IP assets. It is also regularly updated and reviewed to maintain effectiveness.
What technologies don’t we work with you might as well ask! From Java, Android, and AngularJS to C#, C++, .Net, JQuery, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby, we’ve got you covered. If you’re uncertain, feel free to reach out to us via email or give us a call. We’re here to assist!
Absolutely. We ensure their proficient language skills through rigorous hard skill tests.

Not at all. Our IT Professionals are flexible with their working hours to accommodate the needs of our clients. Moreover, they are highly motivated individuals who are willing to work beyond the standard 9 to 5 work hours and deliver exceptional results.


At Fill You In, we evaluate developers through a comprehensive assessment of both hard and soft skills. This includes technical proficiency in relevant languages and tools, problem-solving abilities, and coding practices. Additionally, we gauge communication, adaptability, and teamwork skills to ensure a seamless fit within your company’s culture.
Our meticulous recruitment process leverages local expertise to identify top developers who excel in the field. Through rigorous screenings and assessments, we evaluate both hard and soft skills, ensuring a well-rounded fit. Moreover, our comprehensive Employee Care Program helps in attracting and retaining top talent guaranteeing the best developers onboard for your team’s success.

We have a vast database of 1000+ pre-screened and qualified developers. In case none of our available developers are a suitable match for your needs, we will immediately begin sourcing and identifying potential candidates. We guarantee to present you with a perfect match within 5 days.

We have a success rate of 93.1%. At Fill You In, we are committed to providing you with 3 top-quality candidates suitable for your vacancy within 5 days. If none of these candidates meet your requirements, we will consult with you to adjust our selection criteria and ensure that we find the perfect fit.


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