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Challenges of Dutch companies

In today’s competetive market, hunt for top IT talent is fierce in Netherlands. Securing top IT talent and enabling seamless remote collaboration remains a complex, time-consuming hurdle, leading to project delays and lagging behind. 

Why Fill You In is the solution

Enter Fill You In. We understand these challenges intimately. Our local expertise enables us to closely partner with Dutch companies, crafting custom solutions, not one-size-fits-all. Our focus? Quality, flexibility, and reliability. We find you highly qualified developers who integrate seamlessly, fast and hassle-free.


Our board members


Hobie Windt

CTO / Co-founder

Patrick Vrijhoef

CEO / Co-founder

Lorenzo de Bruin


Jan Stronkhorst


Our history

2017 - AYWIT

Foundation of AYWIT: The founders initiated their quest for cost-effective IT talent to establish a circular economy platform. However, they discovered the steep expenses associated with this pursuit within the Netherlands, with insufficient “return on investment” even upon meeting all objectives. Consequently, the founders shifted their focus to Eastern Europe and subsequently to India, in order to tap into the necessary IT workforce. This marked the inception of remote work practices, a strategy continuously refined thereafter.

2018 - Commencement of Outsourcing

AYWIT’s Outsourcing Venture: This year witnessed the commencement of AYWIT’s outsourcing endeavors, marked by the undertaking of substantial outsourcing projects.

2019 - Growing Demand for AYWIT's

 Developers Introduction of Outstaffing: AYWIT introduced its first remote IT developers through the outstaffing model, effectively catering to the increasing demand for their services

2020 - COVID-19

Pandemic Implications and Remote Work Transition: The year 2020 brought about a significant turning point as the global COVID-19 pandemic led to the widespread adoption of remote work practices.

2022 - Specialising in IT Outstaffing

With the escalating demand for IT outstaffing services, Fill You In emerged as a dedicated entity focused exclusively on this segment of the IT industry. The name “Fill You In” was chosen to reflect this specialized focus.

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