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Resume Upload

  • Click on the "Update resume" button.
  • Choose your latest CV file (doc, docx, or pdf format, up to 2 MB).
  • Once uploaded, click "Save."
  • Uploading your resume ensures that recruiters have access to your comprehensive work history and qualifications, increasing your chances of being considered for relevant job opportunities.

Job Title

  • Enter a clear and common job title that reflects your desired position in the provided field.
  • A clear job title helps recruiters quickly understand your professional aspirations, making it easier for them to match you with suitable job openings.


  • Write a brief, positive summary of your skills and career highlights in the "Summary" section (aim for 2-3 sentences).
  • A snapshot of your key strengths and accomplishments helps us to learn more about you and consider you for job opportunities.

Linkedin Link

  • Add your LinkedIn profile link in the provided field.
  • Including your LinkedIn profile link allows us to explore your professional network, endorsements, and additional qualifications, further enhancing your credibility as a candidate.

Notice Period

  • Enter your notice period in days (if applicable); otherwise, mention "Available immediately" or your preferred notice period.
  • Specifying your notice period helps us understand your availability for new opportunities, ensuring that they approach you with relevant job offers at the right time.

Expected Salary

  • Add your expected annual salary in the provided field. If your salary expectations vary, mention a range or state "Negotiable."
  • Providing your expected salary helps recruiters assess your salary expectations and ensures alignment with the budget for the role, increasing the likelihood of a successful job match.


  • List your relevant technical skills under "Hard skills" (include a maximum number of relevant skills to maximize matching potential).
  • List non-technical skills under "Soft skills" (include key interpersonal and transferable skills).
  • Highlighting your skills showcases your capabilities to potential employers, making it easier for them to assess your suitability for specific job roles and projects.

Career Profile

  • Fill in your total experience in years under "Total Experience."
  • Provide details of your work experience, including job title, employer, start and end dates, and responsibilities.
  • Mention any relevant courses or awards under "Courses or Awards" (to stand out).
  • List down all projects you have worked on in detail under "Projects."
  • Describe your educational background and completion status under "Education."
  • Providing comprehensive details about your career history, education, and achievements helps recruiters gain a complete picture of your qualifications and expertise, increasing your chances of being considered for job opportunities.

Profile Information

  • Enter your first name, last name, city, country, email, phone number, gender, date of birth, and languages spoken.
  • Click on "Save and Close" to save your updated profile.
  • Completing your profile information ensures that recruiters have all the necessary contact details and demographic information to reach out to you with relevant job opportunities and updates.

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  • After filling in all details, your profile will automatically upgrade from Basic to Premium level.
  • Once upgraded, you can directly start applying for job opportunities available on the portal.

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  • Visit the "Career Board" to browse through open vacancies.
  • Use filters like industry or job type to tailor your search.
  • As a Premium member, you can start applying directly to all vacancies listed on the portal.

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