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94% of leaders say AI is critical to success

Kriti Kumar | 17/02/2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the chemical industry, leaders are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization as transformative catalysts. Despite economic challenges, organizations are leveraging cloud-based platforms like SAP S/4HANA and innovative solutions such as GenAI to strike a balance between managing costs, reducing carbon footprints, and driving future innovations. Notably, a Deloitte survey reveals that 94% of chemical industry leaders believe AI will be critical to their organizations’ success in the next five years.

As chemical companies embrace digitalization, they are not only streamlining processes but also positioning themselves at the forefront of the energy transition and the circular economy. Sustainable energy initiatives, backed by significant investments and government incentives, are driving growth in the sector. Chemical companies are exploring new markets, such as lithium processing and clean ammonia production, aligning with the global push towards clean energy supply chains.


Terwijl chemische bedrijven digitalisering omarmen, stroomlijnen ze niet alleen processen, maar positioneren ze zich ook aan de voorhoede van de energietransitie en de circulaire economie. Duurzame energie-initiatieven, gesteund door aanzienlijke investeringen en overheidsstimulansen, stimuleren de groei in de sector. Chemiebedrijven verkennen nieuwe markten, zoals lithiumverwerking en de productie van schone ammoniak, in lijn met de wereldwijde trend naar schone energievoorzieningsketens.

Fill You In stands committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. As the chemical industry navigates the transition to clean energy, our focus on ESG ensures that our provided AI solutions align with sustainable practices. We contribute to the industry’s efforts in reducing carbon footprints and driving innovations for a greener future.

Our core value lies in promising sustainable growth. By offering cutting-edge AI solutions, including GenAI, Fill You In empowers chemical companies to not only meet regulatory compliance for decarbonization mandates but also embrace sustainable practices. We believe in fostering growth that aligns with environmental responsibility, ensuring a harmonious balance between technological advancement and long-term ecological well-being.

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Our opinion

While concerns about AI's role in sidelining human workers persist, Fill You In believes in a balanced approach. Our commitment extends beyond just technological innovation; it encompasses responsible and ethical AI usage. By aligning with industry regulations and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to address skepticism and contribute positively to the chemical industry's transformative journey.


Door Ashish Kharolia

Lead Developer