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Fuelled by AI, India emerges as the most exciting market in the world

Kriti Kumar | 17/02/2024

India, an early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is now experiencing a surge in its tech landscape, witnessing the birth of approximately 100 startups daily. The Microsoft AI Tour event held in Bengaluru recently shed light on the rapid growth of India’s AI sector, where every sixth AI developer/researcher globally is Indian, and a significant 25% of the world’s workforce growth over the next decade is expected from India.


Executives and AI experts at the Microsoft AI Tour event expressed bullish sentiments regarding India’s tremendous growth prospects in the AI domain. Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India and South Asia, highlighted India as the most exciting market globally, fueled by AI innovation.


Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chairman and CEO, currently in India, reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting India’s evolution into an AI-first nation. Chandok highlighted how Microsoft Copilot, among other AI solutions, is driving measurable productivity gains for individuals and organizations.

As India emerges as a global AI hub, Fill You In takes pride in bringing the best AI developers from the country to your projects. Our commitment aligns seamlessly with the surge in AI startups, emphasizing India’s pivotal role in shaping the future of AI. By selecting top-tier talent, we ensure your projects benefit from the dynamic and innovative landscape that India’s AI sector offers.

In the midst of India’s AI boom, retaining top talent becomes crucial. Fill You In’s employee care program goes beyond traditional approaches, offering a supportive environment that recognizes the dynamic nature of the tech industry. Just as executives at the Microsoft AI Tour emphasized continuous learning, our program ensures your AI developers not only contribute to projects but also grow professionally, fostering a culture of loyalty and innovation.

Fuelled by AI, India emerges as the most exciting market in the world


Our opinion

“While skeptics raise valid concerns about the reported $3.86 return for every US dollar spent on AI projects, it's essential to scrutinize potential biases and consider long-term effects. Ensuring the sustainable and ethical implementation of AI is indeed crucial for its true impact on organizations.However, let's not overshadow the immense positive potential that AI brings. When approached responsibly, AI can revolutionize industries, enhance efficiency, and open new avenues for growth. 


Fill You In stands at the forefront, ensuring that ethical considerations and long-term impacts are integral parts of our approach, unlocking the true transformative power of AI for your organization.”


Citaat van Vikas Suryan

Head of Indian Operations